Draft Flood Rate Maps

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The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has issued new draft Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM). The draft maps are scheduled to take effect in July 2014. The areas of Marshfield that are in the flood zones or Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHA) have increased significantly on the new draft maps. FEMA has not provided a listing of properties that are included in the new expanded flood zones. Therefor residents must analyze the draft maps to determine if their structure is in the expanded flood zone. The FIRM show the high-risk areas where there is at least a one-percent-annual-chance of flooding. Within the SFHA, flood insurance is required for mortgages from a federally regulated lender if a structure is located in a flood zone. There are 18 individual flood maps or panels covering the Town of Marshfield. The first step in determining if your property is in the expanded flood zone is to determine which map your property is located on. Click on the link to the Index map to determine which map your property is located on. Once you have located your property on the correct map, you can determine if your property is in the expanded flood zone. The areas shown on the maps in orange signify the expanded flood zones. If your structure is within an area shaded orange on the new maps, it is in the expanded flood zone. Areas shaded with blue dots represent the existing flood zones. If your structure is within the expanded flood zone and if you have a mortgage from a federally regulated lender, you will likely be required to purchase flood insurance. The zoom feature on the digital maps is useful to get an up close look at specific neighborhoods to assist in identifying your property.

Unified Hazard Mitigation Assistance Grant

FEMA has published a Flood Risk Report for Plymouth County dated 6/6/13.
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There is a 90 day period in which people have the opportunity to appeal the proposed flood hazard area determination. The appeal period is scheduled to end on October 14, 2013. For more information about the process to appeal, please refer to the 7/3/13 letter from FEMA. Click here to view FEMA letter.

For assistance in determining if your property is located within the expanded flood zone, the following staff at Town Hall are available, during regular office hours to provide assistance.

Paul Halkiotis, Town Planner
Tom Reynolds, DPW Director
Rod Procaccino, Town Engineer
Charlie Swanson, Engineering
Jerry O’Neill, Building Commissioner
Jay Wennemer, Conservation Agent
Lt. Paul Taber, Emergency Management Director

For more information about the FEMA Flood Insurance program please visit their web page.

Draft Flood Insurance Maps
Additional resources are available by downloading the MAPC data detailing parcels involved in the Proposed Flood Hazard area. An electronic map can be downloaded only via this FTP site for a limited time only, save the file once prompted:

9-2013-Maps, Data and FEMA Updates

A utility or application may be needed to access and download this file due to the compressed format. WinZip or other utilities may be available in a free trial version to accomplish this task; alternatively MS Office, versions 2010/2013 may be able to decompress or extract this data. Additionally you can use Windows Explorer and/or other potential file managers may be used to access the FTP site and down load the compressed file. This file once downloaded and extracted will allow you to view the map with Adobe Reader, there may be an additional street listing file in MS Excel format, this file also exist on this website under the “Street Listing” link below.

Street Listings 
Index Map

0117K 0119K 0136K 0137K 0138K 0139K 0143K
0226K 0227K 0228K 0229K 0231K 0232K 0233K
0234K 0237K 0241K

Draft Flood Maps

0117K 0119K 0136K 0137K 0138K 0139K 0143K
0226K 0227K 0228K 0229K 0231K 0232K 0233K
0234K 0237K 0241K

Click this link for FTP Site with Flood Maps for download and viewing.

Wave Height Flood Maps

C0117 C0119 C0136 C0137 C0138 C0139 C0143 C0226 C0227 C0228 C0229 
C0231 C0232 C0233 C0234 C0237 C0241

Criteria for Appeals of Flood Insurance Rate Maps

FEMA Presentation Regarding Updated Coastal Flood Hazards

Additional Documents